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23 Aug 2012

IASAP International Association of Security Awareness Professionals

The CSI Security Awareness Peer Group has reformed itself as a non-profit organization after CSI discontinued the group last year.  IASAP (the International Association of Security Awareness Professionals) offers a supportive forum in which security awareness professionals can meet up and share good ideas.  A former CSI manager remains involved in the role of coordinator and meeting facilitator.

IASAP membership is limited to those who are running security awareness programs within their companies: vendors of security awareness, training and related products are supposedly excluded although, paradoxically, PhishMe Inc. is the group's "exclusive founding sponsor" and "corporate sponsorships" are acknowledged as a source of funding on the IASAP website.  

Perhaps as a consequence of the no-vendor policy, annual membership costs $2,500.  Members presumably anticipate recovering at least as much value through networking and sharing ideas and materials with their professional colleagues, primarily through two-day meetings held twice or three times a year.

The 'international' part of the title currently appears to mean US and Canada but fair enough, that's a start!  We wish the group well for the future.


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