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8 Sept 2012

Oversight - a novel security awareness topic

Oversight - a novel security awareness topic for September

September’s NoticeBored security awareness module has a split personality, covering oversight in both senses of the word:
1) Casual errors and omissions are commonplace: these are oversight incidents.  Whereas most are trivial, some oversights are more serious and costly.  The worst can literally be deadly - as suggested by the poster graphic above (one of six new designs in the module).
2) ‘Keeping an eye on things’ through supervision and various forms of reviewing and testing (such as the checklist shown on one of this month’s awareness posters) are oversight controls.  The aim is to prevent, or at least spot and correct, errors and omissions before the damage is done. 
If you lack the skilled resources necessary to research and write effective awareness materials on important topics such as this, subscribe to the NoticeBored security awareness service.  Security awareness is our passion - it’s what we do.

Gary (Gary@isect.com)

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