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2 Oct 2012

Computer forensics for beginners

October’s NoticeBored security awareness module concerns "digital forensics", the gathering, analysis and presentation in court of computer data and other ICT-related evidence.

Contrary to the way it is generally portrayed in films, TV programs and crime books, forensic science is a laborious, painstaking, not to say extremely tedious series of processes designed to ensure that evidence is gathered, stored, analyzed and presented accurately.  There are many pitfalls for the unwary amateur, and for that matter the inept or unfortunate forensics professional!
Information integrity and assurance are the key issue, making this a valid topic for an information security awareness program in that regard alone.  Furthermore, there are serious implications for employees who come into contact with information security incidents that might end up going to court, and important messages to put across to them.
The module delivers to NoticeBored subscribers a wealth of presentations, briefings, tests, posters, policies, procedures, checklists and other awareness materials explaining the background and emphasizing those important take-home messages.
Subscribe to NoticeBored if you agree that this is a worthwhile topic for your security awareness program but you don’t currently have anything on it.  
Alternatively, simply find yourself a talented awareness author to research and prepare your own awareness materials from scratch.  Good luck!

Gary (Gary@isect.com)

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