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Dec 20, 2012

SMotW #36: business continuity spend

Security Metric of the Week #36: business continuity expenditure

At first glance, this looks like a must-haveinformation metric: surely expenditure on business continuity is something that management can't possibly do without?  As far as ACME Enterprises is concerned, this metric warrants a fairly high PRAGMATIC score of 71%, making it a strong candidate for inclusion in ACME's information security measurement system.

It has its drawbacks, however.  Determining BC expenditure accurately would be a serious challenge, but thankfully great precision is probably not necessary in this context: estimations and assumptions may suffice.  Still, it would be handy if the accounting systems could be persuaded to regurgitate a sufficiently credible and reliable number on demand.  Furthermore, it is not entirely obvious what management is expected to do as a result of the metric, at least not unless the business benefits of business continuity are also reported.  The net value of business continuity, then, could be an even better metric.