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30 Jan 2013

Physical security awareness

Physical protection of information assets is every bit as important as the protection afforded to information through logical security and other forms of control.  There are significant physical security threats (such as fires, floods, intruders, saboteurs and thieves), vulnerabilities (e.g. the sensitivity of electronic devices to power glitches and overheating, and the flammability of paper records) and impacts (severely damaged or destroyed systems and data may be impossible to recover economically, and unauthorized disclosure of information on stolen systems or papers may cause legal, regulatory and commercial repercussions).

So what does your organization currently do to raise awareness of physical security?  Maybe you already have a policy in this area but plans to design a poster, develop a course, organize a seminar or whatever don’t count, however well-intentioned!  NoticeBored subscribers are tucking-in to February’s physical security awareness module right now.  They will soon be engaging their staff, management and IT with the ongoing security discussion, informing about physical security and motivating them to play their parts in the organization's information security framework.  What are you waiting for?  Couple our creative content and bright ideas with your enthusiasm and local knowledge to jump-start your information (and physical!) security awareness program, today.


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