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28 Mar 2013

Windows update scam

Hey, that's nice.  The "Microsoft Windows Team" just wrote to me inviting me to update my PC:
Dear Windows User,
Please upgrade your current Windows to the latest Windows 8, this helps keep your PC safer-and your software current-by fetching the latest security and feature updates from Microsoft via the Internet, CLICK HERE. To upgrade your Microsoft Windows Experience.
Please sign on with your email.
Thanks Microsoft Windows Team

Since I wasn't actually born yesterday, this crude attempt at social engineering failed at the first hurdle.  There are numerous clues that it's a scam.  How many can you spot, dear reader?


PS  No, the CLICK HERE link in the original email did not point at NoticeBored.com - I made that change for you because I'm nice like that.  If for some reason you want to know where it was actually pointing, check your inbox or spam box for this message.  But please don't click it.

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