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24 May 2013

Oklahoma tornado scam already circulating

What's the betting that this is a scam?

The gaudy pink box on this screengrab shows the reply-to address is using gmail, not Redcross.org as in the (presumably spoofed) email sender's details.  If this was a legitimate request for funds from the Red Cross (or is it Organizing for Action?), why wouldn't they use their own corporate email address?  My guess is that the 'instructions' that will evidently be given to you if you reply to the message will (a) be malware infected and/or (b) be phishing for credentials or seeking advance fees.  I, for one, am not about to find out.

The only surprising thing about this incident is that I am still surprised that scumbag scammers are yet again picking up on a tragic news story as a lure for gullible victims.  They've done it many times before, and no doubt will do it again.  

[If by some miracle I am wildly mistaken, and this is in fact a genuine begging email from the Red Cross, or indeed Organizing for Action, we need to talk while I eat my hat!]

Gary (Gary@isect.com)

PS  I guess the phisher who warned of "several stormy rainfall" back in August 2011 has been on an intensive English course, or perhaps he's rich enough now to pay for decent translations of his scams.  Or maybe, just maybe, there is more than one scammer on the prowl.

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