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30 Jul 2013

Hacking awareness

We have just published a security awareness module on hacking and cracking. It was an interesting challenge to write on such a technical topic without either losing most of the audience in the technobabble, or perhaps giving them the keys to the kingdom by teaching them how to hack.  We've carefully trodden a fine line this month.

I'm particularly pleased with the quiz.  We typically offer deliberately open-ended quiz questions to encourage people to discuss the topic in some depth for the most beneficial learning experience, preferably in a social setting. Having struggled for a while, a sudden burst of inspiration led me to base the hacking quiz on hacking the quiz.  The question is essentially "If you were so inclined, how would you cheat at this quiz?"  I can just picture a bunch of slightly inebriated teams having a lot of fun with that deceptively simple idea.

By the way, what do you think of our word-art padlock graphic?  It's one of the poster images in the module, created by our talented graphic artist who unfailingly turns half-a-dozen rather vague suggestions into six beautiful works of art every month. 

NoticeBored: having fun with - and sometimes making fun of - information security!


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