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6 Aug 2013

Your authors need you!

Have you read PRAGMATIC Security Metrics yet?  What did you make of it? Does it make good sense?  Is it understandable?  Are the tips and suggestions helpful?  Is it interesting, well written, approachable, stimulating?  Is it a worthwhile addition to your bookshelf, a valuable contribution to the field - something you are already using in earnest, or that you definitely intend to put to good use?  A book you are happy to recommend to your colleagues - your peers and managers - and to the likes of (ISC)2, ISACA and SANS perhaps?  

 - OR - 

Have you skimmed it in the bookshop or website and put it straight back on the (virtual) shelf?  Is it gibberish?  Did you buy it but wish you'd not wasted your money on it?  Is it a pathetic attempt, not a patch on the other excellent security metrics books and standards out there?  Does the casual writing style annoy you, and the footnotes distract you?  Is the PRAGMATIC approach completely misguided and misleading?  

We are very keen to hear back from you either way.  So far, apart from two five-star customer reviews on Amazon and some words of encouragement from Professor Kabay (who kindly wrote the preface for us), we are surprised and somewhat disheartened by the lack of reader feedback, whether positive or negative. Nice comments are welcome for obvious reasons, but even complaints have their uses!  Most helpful of all are your constructive criticisms and improvement suggestions, especially those that make us think and perhaps stimulate us to tackle new angles or new topics.

The thing is, to you this book represents an investment of 50-odd bucks, a few hours' reading and a few more contemplating, interpreting and then applying the PRAGMATIC method.  To us, it represents literally hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of intense focus, an enormous effort over the two years it took to write and publish.  Don't get me wrong, both Krag and I enjoy our writing.  The question is: do you?  Should we continue, or give it up as a bad job?

We are also very keen to add to our stock of 150+ example metrics that have been put through the mill, and we are looking for case study materials, anecdotes and feedback on the method to use in PRAGMATIC training courses.  While it might be interesting to know your organization's industry, size, maturity etc., we don't need to know its name and we are very happy to maintain your privacy if you would rather not be identified.

Please get in touch by email (Gary@isect.com or Kragby@gmail.com) or by commenting here on the blog.  Thank you in advance for your trouble.

Kind regards,
Gary Hinson

PS  If you feel strongly about it, how about writing and publishing your own book review?

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