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20 Sept 2013

Hyperlinked infosec glossary on Kindle

I've picked up a pretty good understanding of the terms of our art through working in information security and related fields since the 1980s.  For a good part of that time, I have been quietly and systematically capturing that knowledge in the form of a vocabulary that has gradually evolved into its present format: a glossary where specialist terms in the explanations are themselves hyperlinked to the corresponding definitions.  

With over 1,000 terms defined, the hyperlinking makes the document a bit of a mission to manage (and test!) but it is fabulous for usability.  I sometimes lose track of time myself while flitting from one entry to another, idly following a train of thought like someone browsing a thesaurus.

You can browse the NoticeBored glossary at will on your Kindle through Amazon for the princely sum of $4.99. I gather the Kindle App runs on many other platforms too, including Android smartphones, iPads/iPhones and PCs (Windows and Macs).  If you would prefer it in MS Word, PDF or some other electronic format, you'll have to buy the new employee orientation/induction module Information Security 101, or better still take up a subscription to the full NoticeBored information security awareness service.  Not only do we supply InfoSec 101 free of charge to new subscribers but we update the glossary every month in connection with the monthly awareness topics.  Most months I add a few new terms that cropped up in my research, and then trim down the document to list only the most relevant words for the topics concerned.

Electronic publishing has a major advantage over print in that we can update the glossary continually without leaving behind a legacy of "remaindered stock" languishing in a dark and dusty corner of some warehouse.  Given the relentless pace of change, that's no bad thing, and to cap it off it fits nicely with our environmental policy.  Hug a tree!  Version 2 is available on Kindle now.  Unfortunately, much as I wold like to, I can't find a way to update your downloaded copy of Version 1 through Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing but, hey, for the price of another cup of coffee, you can always buy version 2 now, and perhaps 3 or 4 whenever those are released (probably once a year or so).

By the way, if you find errors or omissions in the glossary, please let me know.  I've left a few in there, deliberately, purely to encourage reader feedback - yeah right!  Truth is, as I said, the document has been evolving for about two decades and it ain't finished yet!

Kind regards,
Gary (Gary@isect.com)

PS  Yes, I use the glossary myself too, sometimes.  For example, I recently bottomed-out an issue that has been lurking for ages: is "remanence" a genuine word, or simply a barstardization of "remnants"?  Find out in the glossary!

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