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4 Jun 2014

Family resettlement to Australia (419)

I've seen many 'apply for your green card' US immigration advance fee fraud/419 spams before but this is the first one I've noticed using an Australian visa as a lure:


You have been selected for family resettlement to Australia , you are among the list of nominated for 2014 resettlement visa to Australia from our head of mission and we have granted your resettlement on the condition that you meet some basic requirements.

Please confirm if you receive this notice, then send us email so that we can give your requirements.
Start Now: Family Application - Immigration Assessment to Australia

We look forward to providing you with professional and personalized immigration support to Australia.
Should you required more information, please do not hesitate to contact us and we guarantee a prompt reply.

Our Regard,
Hon. Thomas Smith
AUSFIS - Certified Immigration Experts

As usual, there are several clues as to its lack of integrity, the unsolicited invitation and poor grammar for starters.  They want me to confirm receipt and then send email, but I'm puzzled about how to confirm receipt without sending email.  It has been suggested that despicable fraudsters are specifically targeting intellectually-challenged and naive victims.  

Gary (Gary@isect.com)

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