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1 Aug 2014

Cloud security awareness update

We have just updated the NoticeBored security awareness module on cloud computing - well, I say "updated" but it was practically rewritten from scratch - new PowerPoint slide decks, new briefings, new posters, new cloud security metrics and so on.  

Things have moved on some way in cloud computing since we first wrote the module in 2011.  Cloud security is still evolving.  It wasn't hard to find a handful of novel cloud security challenges that have literally come to light within the past month or so to illustrate the module, making it highly topical.

The relationship management aspects of cloud computing caught our attention this time.  One of the items in the module is a due diligence checklist for management to assess the information security aspects of potential cloud service providers before jumping into bed with them.  

Read more about the cloud security awareness module here and get in touch if your awareness program would benefit from a new perspective.  


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