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30 Oct 2014

Management awareness paper on database security metrics

The next NoticeBored security awareness paper suggests to management a whole bunch of metrics that might be used to measure the security of the organization's database systems.

Most information-packed application systems are built around databases, making database security a significant concern for the corporation.  We're talking about the crown jewels, the bet-the-farm databases containing customer, product and process information, emails, contracts, trade secrets, personal data and so much more.  Despite the importance of database security, we don't know of any organization systematically measuring it ... although we do know of many that struggle to keep on top of database security design, development, testing, patching, administration and maintenance!

So how exactly are management supposed to manage database security without database security measures? Extra sensory perception, perhaps, or gut-feel? Either way, it's hardly what one might call scientific management!

Download the paper here.  We'd be fascinated in your thoughts.  Do any of these measures catch your imagination?  What other database security metrics or measurement approaches would you suggest?  What do you use?

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