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2 Dec 2014

Lo-tech infosec

"Lo-tech infosec" is a brand new security awareness module to complement last month's one on hi-tech infosec.

There is no shortage of material: there's always loads to say about information security, especially once you shed the IT blinkers and think beyond the mot-du-mois "cybersecurity". 

Our prime focus this month is on people including social engineering, frauds and scams, human errors and mistakes. 

Physical security for tangible information assets merits a mention, along with governance and compliance, and - yes - the value of security awareness as a control.  Even industrial relations, health-and-safety and HR practices are part of the mix, plus good ol' yuman error.

Find out more about the module on the NoticeBored site, or email me to chat about why your security awareness program isn't working out.


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