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24 Apr 2015

Resilience as a business continuity mindset

An article written in conjunction with Dejan Kosutic has just been published at ContinuityCentral.com
"Most business continuity experts from an IT background are primarily, if not exclusively, concerned with establishing the ability to recover failed IT services after a serious incident or disaster. While disaster recovery is a necessary part of business continuity, this article promotes the strategic business value of resilience: a more proactive and holistic approach for preparing not only IT services, but also other business processes before an incident in order that an organization will survive incidents that would otherwise have taken it down, and so keep the business operating in some form during and following an incident."
We explain how resilience differs from and complements more conventional approaches to business continuity ...

We refer to the 'resilience mindset' in the title, and discuss it as a cultural issue with strategic implications and benefits for everyday routine business, not just in crisis or disaster situations. It has implications throughout the organization, including business activities/processes, systems, workers and relationships with third parties. It is an integral and essential part of risk management.

The article discusses resilience in the context of ISO 22301 and ISO27k, and includes a maturity model and metric to help organizations put the strategy into practice. 

Dejan and I share a passion for this topic that I hope comes across in our writing. Comments welcome!


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