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5 Sept 2015

Banks: watch out for fishing (and phishing)

A low-tech kiwi bank robber stole deposits from a bank's safety deposit box using a fishing line.  He even managed to cash a few of the stolen cheques before being lured to the counter and caught in the bank's security net.

Not a malicious URL in sight.

An anonymous source tells me she has found deposit envelopes containing valuable negotiables (the folding kind) in a local bank's deposit drawer, left by a previous customer who neglected to check that the deposit envelope had been swallowed up by the machinery.  The bank teller was aghast ... but evidently creating a physically secure bank deposit chute is beyond the capabilities of NZ bank' engineering wizzards.  Surely some number 8 wire and a bent waratah ought to do it?  

Anyway, most kiwis are far too honest to exploit vulnerabilities like this.


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