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12 Nov 2015

Metrics database

I wonder if any far-sighted organizations are using a database/systems approach to their metrics? Seems to me a logical approach given that there are lots of measurement data swilling around the average corporation (including but not only those relating to information risk, security, control, governance, compliance and privacy). Why not systematically import the data into a metrics database system for automated analysis and presentation purposes? Capture the data once, manage it responsibly, use it repeatedly, and milk the maximum value from it, right?

If you think that's a naive, impracticable or otherwise krazy approach, please put me straight. What am I missing? Why is it that I never seem to hear about metrics databases, other than generic metrics catalogs (which are of limited value IMNSHO) and Management Information Systems (which were all the rage in the 80s but strangely disappeared from sight in the 90s)?

Conversely, if your organization has a metrics database system, how is it working out in practice?  What can you share with us about the pros and cons?

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