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31 Dec 2015

Information risk and security tools

We've just completed and delivered a brand new NoticeBored awareness module for January 2016 concerning the tools supporting information risk and security:

Scope of the awareness module

There are literally thousands of tools in the information risk and security space. One of the more technical awareness papers in the module discusses some 68 types of tool - that not merely 68 actual products but 68 categories with numerous tools in each. We could have kept going but 12 pages was more than enough for a 'briefing'!
In scoping, researching and preparing to write the module, we faced up to the possibility that the awareness materials might inadvertently spark an interest in the dark side among our customers' workforces. Many of the sexiest tools in the toolbox could be classed as dual-use weapons technology, valuable for good and evil purposes. In fact, many of them owe their very existence to the crucible of creativity and passion that is hacking. Our response was to be open about the concern, and suggest a means of keeping the lid on it through a policy to control security tools - a governance tool that is.
'Tools' is the 58th topic in our bulging awareness portfolio. It is gradually becoming harder year-by-year to find new angles on information risk and security but we're certainly not done yet! We routinely scan the crystal-ball-gazers' pontifications at this time of year, looking for hints on what might be galloping over the horizon towards us. Looking back at the year just gone, we picked up on information risk, the Internet of Things and cybersecurity for the first time, as well as updating the content on another nine awareness modules. Keeping up with constant developments in the field is what keeps me going, stops me getting bored stiff.
What about you? What excites or indeed scares you about working in this field? What do you see in the way of emerging threats, new challenges and novel approaches as we nudge over into 2016? What's keeping you awake at nights?

Happy new year!
Gary (Gary@isect.com)


  1. Google keeps my awake at nights and sneaks into my dreams even while sleeping.