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21 Dec 2016

You know you're a geek if ...

... your favourite hot drink is URL grey tea

... Chewbacca, Ytterbium and Hal are the names of just three of your many servers

... your Myers Briggs Personality Type starts with INT - as in integer

... you know what a Myers Briggs Personality Type is, even without Googling it

... assorted acquaintances and relatives genuinely expect you to be fully expert in whatever quaint technologies are currently giving them problems

... you've had the same PC for well over a decade, with 3 different cases, 4 different PSUs, 5 different motherboards, 6 different CPUs and at least a dozen new hard drives, now all solid state (naturally)

... you welcome the moniker 'geek', whereas other lesser beings may think it perjorative

... you play IT Top Trumps comparing processor architectures and memory bandwidth

... you spot technical errors in TV portrayals of geeks

.. you care about stuff that others don't even notice

... friends and family ask you to explain your Christmas wish-list in words of one syllable

... you are so well-stocked with batteries that you could open a battery shop

... you read (or indeed write) blog pieces titled "You know you're a geek if ..."

Merry Christmas all.  Have fun playing with your new toys.


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