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19 Feb 2017

28 days of awareness: day 18

Nothing to report today on the awareness front - another day off. Luxury!

Well ... almost. Part of the reason for the break is that our rural Internet connection failed. Our Internet service uses a dedicated microwave link to a mountain-top comms site about 20km away. The path was degraded by heavy rain and, I believe, wet foliage on the trees at our end. Chainsawing the most accessible lower branches out of the way didn't resolve it so I guess more dramatic chainsawing is called for.  

I wish I could access the path quality metrics from the dish feedpoint radio system to check how much difference the foliage clearance is making and how much further we have to go - also to double-check the dish alignment since we've had storms with strong winds lately. Hmmm, time to contact the service provider, I think, and maybe to check out the admin interface on the dish radio system.

Annoyingly, one of our two backup Internet connections also fell over. There appears to be an intermittend hardware or software issue between the modem and the router, exacerbated by poor signals on the wireless interface. Part of the fun of running a small business is that we have no in-house tech support team to diagnose and fix these little annoyances. Mind you, we also have no in-house tech support team to manage and pay so it's not all bad!


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