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3 Feb 2017

28 days of awareness: day 2

Well February 2nd was not a productive day for us - too many other things to do besides security awareness.

I did spend the odd moment researching malware on the Web and trying to think up those poster design ideas I mentioned yesterday. Creative inspiration is distinctly lacking at this point but I'm sure my brain will click into gear once I've given it a bit of a break from finalizing the surveillance awareness materials. I'm sure because it always does: it's like this at the start of almost every month.

I'm now staring at two mostly blank pages of the contents listing for the awareness module, effectively my to-do list for the month:

On the plus side, I have the module's contents roughly mapped out, and some of the simpler things on the list will be quite easy to produce from the templates we use. It's one of my 'tricks' to break writers' block and boostrap the monthly production line.

Meanwhile, routine office admin keeps me occupied, such as completing an expenses claim (yay!) and trying to get my antispam add-in to load and run in the email software we're using. It's standard commercial software on a Windows system, nothing exotic, so you'd think it would just work, right? "Yeh, nah" as we say. 


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