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26 Feb 2017

28 days of awareness: day 25

We're plummeting towards the end of month deadline, hence working this weekend to complete the remaining writing in time for the awareness materials to be proof-read and packaged for delivery.

The professionals' awareness materials are usually the last to be finished, partly because they include the newsletter that picks up on news items right up to the point of delivery. Another reason is that I'm a self-confessed geek with an IT background, hence the materials in this stream are easier to write - so much so that if I started with them I would probably not leave enough time and energy for the other two streams. 

Having written those other materials first, I now have a reasonable picture of the topic area as a whole, including the wider personal, business and societal context. I have come up with a few angles I want to bring up and delve more deeply into for the professionals, most obviously the technologies associated with ransomware and the cybersecurity controls. However, I'm conscious (relieved in fact!) that we're providing an awareness service, not deep technical training. As with the other streams, our central aim is to inform, intrigue and motivate the audience. Catching their attention with interesting, topical, sexy stuff is the first and arguably most important challenge. We'll give them a few pointers and hyperlinks to set them browsing and Googling, but that's enough. If the awareness materials fail to inspire - if the seminars, briefings and notices are well-intentioned but boring - nothing else matters really. We might as well have not bothered at all.


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