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18 Mar 2017

NBlog March 18

The staff awareness seminar slide deck on 'security innovation' is coming along nicely.  That image of two sectioned heads on the second slide will introduce the ongoing battle of wills between the white and black hats, in which innovation and creativity plays a central role on both sides. We've incorporated a selection of innovation-related images already, and we'll be adding real world examples (like that intimidating Reaper drone in slide 12) to illustrate and reinforce key points.

We're planning to say something towards the end about promising security innovations which means scanning the landscape for news of novel security products and services, innovative approaches to security and creative ways to address information risks. I have a couple in mind already but further suggestions are always welcome. While it would be nice to be able to explain cutting-edge security advances such as quantum crypto, I'm keen to find simpler, more easily understood examples for the general staff awareness audience. With 15 slides and a fair amount of ground to cover already, I can picture those drooping eyes and shuffles.

I'm tempted to tack-on a final slide posing a question about what's coming up on the black hat scene. Again I have a couple of vague possibilities in mind, although I'd prefer to leave them with the parting message that we really don't know what they are up to unless and until someone spots a novel tool, approach or whatever. I like the idea of giving the audience something stimulating to think and talk about as the seminar comes to an end, making the final 'afterthought' slide paradoxically the most valuable one in the deck. If the previous slides, the accompanying speaker notes (not shown here) and the presenter have done their job, it should be eye-catching, intriguing and yet self-explanatory. It's our little seed, planting thoughts in brains through a creative and innovative approach to security awareness.


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