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20 Mar 2017

NBlog March 20

A sunny Sunday was my chance to repair an ancient 7 wire fence, so old in fact that it had become a 6 wire fence: the bottom wire ran on or in the ground and had corroded way. Full grown sheep can't limbo underneath it but their lambs do, becoming separated and soon expiring unless they find their way back in time for a feed. Meanwhile, the ewes generally wander off, seemingly oblivious to the pitiful bleating from the other side of the fence.

Last Spring, a fluffy newborn lamb slipped under the fence and promptly got entangled in a blackberry bush. Luckily Deborah heard the bleating and rescued her just in time. Naturally, we call her Bramble. She's doing fine and will soon have lambs of her own.

On days like today, I love my office.


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