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26 Mar 2017

NBlog March 26

The staff briefing paper on security innovation is 'done'. 

Writing it reminded me of the flaming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle from 2016, a neat example of risks associated with 'bleeding edge' high technology that I'm sure most workers will recall.  

Samsung is back in the news now, apologizing to shareholders for the incident and a separate bribery scandal. Given the direct costs, reputational damage and brand devaluation, it's a neat way to illustrate the commercial risks of innovation for management too.

Introducing relevant news from the general media into the security awareness content, especially while it is fresh, is a deliberate part of our strategy. We're not only highlighting the topical information risk, security and other angles in the particular news pieces but also more subtly encouraging people to consider those same perspectives whenever they catch the news. At some future point, there is bound be another headline-grabbing news story concerning innovation, invention or whatever that will hopefully remind workers of this month's topic, another win for the awareness program.


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