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27 Mar 2017

NBlog March 27

Today we completed the four page train-the-trainer guide for the next awareness module. 

As always, we've conjured up a good bunch of suggestions to make the security awareness program even more effective - our own modest effort to foster creativity and stimulate innovation among our subscribers

If this blog has set you thinking, you'll love the ideas laid out each month in the train-the-trainer piece. Some are awareness activities, events and things to do with your audiences in connection with the monthly security topic. Others are more general methods (and Hinson tips!) to get business managers and other colleagues further on-board with infrormation security, building not just a loose extended web of social contacts but a tight-knit core team of highly influential and supportive colleagues - security friends. This approach is especially valuable if you constitute "a team of one" with sole responsibility for security awareness, perhaps even a part-time with a million other things to do and hardly any resources or support. You are not alone!

In place of the usual awareness quiz, this month we're presenting a challenge: it's similar to the quiz with the same central objective of people enjoying themselves as a team-based social exercise, thinking, talking and learning about information security, but with a slightly different format. Given the topic, we're hoping to get them thinking creatively, inventing and discussing potential innovations in the context of information security. There is unlikely to be sufficient time and energy to take their innovations to the next step (although it would be great fun to get the teams making cardboard mock-ups, acting out new processes or whatever!), so the briefing ends with a brief heads-up on the remainder of the innovation process.

Who knows, some bright spark might just invent the ultimate mouse trap!


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