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31 Mar 2017

NBlog March 31

Picking up on a spurious comment from yesterday, our graphics team jumped at the chance to turn the concept of a wild west WANTED poster into reality. So, with just that poster left to complete, we're fast approaching the finishing line after another successful month's work.

Here's the contents listing with all those juicy ticks:

Given that we hadn't covered this topic before, and it is such an unconventional topic for security awareness, it was quite hard to define the scope and purpose of the module and clarify the key awareness messages. Hey, that's innovation for you, risky business! 

We managed the risks by researching, planning, reviewing and in some cases adjusting our plans on the fly. The approach and process we're using has evolved since NoticeBored was launched onto an unsuspecting world back in 2003, in fact earlier than that: I have been 'doing' security awareness for employers and clients for nearly 3 decades, so I'm well-practiced. At the same time, the field as a whole is still evolving, along with adult education in general, so I'm always on the lookout for new tricks. 

Updating this blog is helpful too, in the sense that it forces me to think more carefully about the process rather than us simply slogging away, noses to the grindstone like normal. I hope you're finding it interesting and worthwhile, especially of course if you are either doing awareness or perhaps getting ready to launch your own awareness program. Have we inspired you to get more creative and try new approaches - to innovate? Have any of our ideas particularly resonated with you? Is there anything you'd like me to bring up? We'd love to hear from you. Please take a moment to comment or email me. Even just clicking one of the rating boxes below tells me you are still awake! Conversely, if nobody values this stuff enough to respond, perhaps I should give it up and put the time into something else ...

Meanwhile, we've proofread the module and will soon be packaging it up for delivery to subscribers, updating the NoticeBored website later today. I'm conscious that this isn't the end of the story. The second phase of the innovation process is implementation and exploitation, hence I'm wondering what our customers make of the new materials and how effective they turn out to be in practice. 

So that's it from me for March. After a miserable rainy week, the NZ sky is blue, the sun is bright and the weekend beckons, along with the Pipi Pizza truck this evening and 7 Days. Playtime!


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