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11 May 2017

NBlog May 11 - time manglement

Yesterday my afternoon mysteriously disappeared thanks to a trip to the dentist and time spent cutting up and transporting trees felled by the recent cyclone. This morning, I've found myself distracted by the ISO27k Forum, responding to some kind person wanting to donate content to the ISO27k Toolkit, proofreading and commenting on the glossary section of the NZ government information security manual, and drafting a new version of my paper on building the business case for an ISMS. All those activities are ongoing and need more of my time. I've also been 'attending to business' - running the company - and catching up with emails. I just rescued a goat with its head stuck through the deer fencing. Again. 

Time is my most valuable resource. Multi-tasking is the norm as I try to squeeze more things into less time ... thinking about stuff and eating my lunch as I update this blog, for instance.

I realise I'm not alone in that. We all lead busy lives today, even retired people I gather. Juggling competing priorities, struggling to focus, dealing with stress and trying to be more efficient is an ongoing concern. 

I'd take a time management course, except I don't have the time [cue groan]

The same is true of our customers, the information security awareness professionals and their colleagues. Done well, security awareness slots neatly into the daily grind, exploiting odd spare moments between activities. Short, succinct and pithy "byte-sized" chunks of information and awareness posters are designed to catch people's attention and trigger thoughts, hopefully in a way that resonates with them, sticks in mind and influences their future activities and decisions. Unlike training courses, we can't rely on them giving us their full attention, even for an hour. Ten minutes or more is a luxury.

So, with that, I'll leave it there. Must press on. Things to do.


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