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15 May 2017

NBlog May 15 - WannaCry? We told you so

Yesterday I mentioned that I was preparing a quick update for customers in the aftermath of the WannaCry ransomware worm virus outbreak incident cyber hack nightmare (evidently I'm not sure what to call it, neither are the journalists). 

Having taken another look at the awareness materials we delivered on this topic already - particularly the ransomware awareness module - it turns out we've said all that needs to be said, really.

For example, we used this PIG (probability impact graph) to discuss current malware risks, locating ransomware up there in the red zone:

Trust me, I haven't altered the figure. That is exactly how it was delivered at the end of February 2017. I'm not claiming to have magical fortune-telling powers, however: the graphic is based on information that was in the public domain prior to March 1st.  

All we did was to research and analyze the information, present it in an eye-catching Visio graphic, and use it in the seminar slides and briefings to draw out the key issues in the awareness module delivered to NoticeBored subscribers. Easy when you know how.

We've just announced a special limited-time offer on the ransomware awareness module. If WannaCry alerted you to the need to make your employees aware of ransomware, this is your chance to get the ball rolling, now.

Don't hang about though: the next big one is surely just around the corner.


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