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19 May 2017

NBlog May 19 - Insecurity of [sex] Toys

The Insecurity of Things awareness module is gradually taking shape, the staff stream in particular:

I have some ideas in mind for both the management and professional streams too, so the dearth of ticks there is not alarming.

A couple of the IoT security incidents I've come across concern hackers compromising smart sex toys, which creates a conundrum for the awareness program. Do we mention them because they are relevant and eye-opening cases, or do we ignore them because they may be inappropriate for some customers? On balance, I think we will cover them but delicately and in ways that customers can easily remove or skip them if they are deemed too contentious (politically incorrect) for corporate communications. As with the rest of the awareness content, cutting down or customizing the NoticeBored content is much easier and quicker than preparing it. 


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