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3 May 2017

NBlog May 3 - hyperlinked information security glossary published

An extensive hyperlinked glossary
We've published our 300-page information security glossary on Amazon as a Kindle eBook for less than ten bucks a pop.

The glossary explains about 2,000 terms of art, defined in plain English according to how the terms are commonly used and interpreted by information security professionals. 

Where applicable, we quote and cite 'official', formal definitions from various NIST and ISO27k standards, defense manuals etc. for reference. 

Specialist terms in the definitions are hyperlinked to their corresponding definitions. It is a huge task to insert and maintain all those links, but the payoff is enormous: I refer to the glossary frequently and often find myself browsing from link to link as shiny things catch my eye. If you've ever been totally engrossed in Roget's Thesaurus, you'll know what I mean. It's a pleasure to use.

Here's an extract to show what I mean: all those underlines are links to the corresponding definitions ...

Amazon imposes limitations through. The Kindle format is primarily designed for tablet-style eBook readers with small, monochrome screens on the whole. The tabular format of the glossary works best in landscape mode. On, say, a typical PC screen using the Kindle PC software, portrait mode is fine. There are readers for Apple and Android too.

Also, when the glossary was originally published in 2003, it was 'just' 200 pages long. We've updated and expanded it every month since then, but Amazon still shows the original date and number of pages. I guess we should pull it and start over ...

Meanwhile, enjoy! If you spot any errors or omissions, PLEASE let me know. 


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