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30 Jun 2017

NBlog June 30 - interwoven strands

Today I'm carving frantically away at the final piece of the jigsaw - the newsletter for July's awareness module on workplace information security.

Once we got down to it, the awareness topic turned out to be much more challenging than I anticipated. Instead of merely dusting the cobwebs off the five-year-old office security module, we have had much more to do than updating and refreshing the donor materials: the key reason is the dawning realization that several evolutionary developments have come together, materially changing the nature of both 'work' and 'workplace', in turn affecting the information risks and security controls. 

With just hours to go until our self-imposed end-of-month delivery deadline, I don't have the time to explain further at this point but I'll be updating the NoticeBored website soon with details on the new module, and once I catch my breath I'll update the blog. Sorry to be so cryptic.  More to come.


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