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6 Jun 2017

NBlog June 6 - workplace infosec module

Our next awareness topic is "workplace information security", updating a module written way back in 2012.  The "office security" awareness module mostly covered physical security for traditional offices. Although it made passing reference to home and mobile working, this time around we'll be paying more attention to the information security aspects of out-of-office and mobile working, such as using portable devices and VPNs.  

Our starting point, as always, is to rake though the previous materials for anything worth re-using this time, seeking inspiration for 6 new awareness posters. The 'men at work' warning sign above prompted the idea of workmen peering over the warning barriers into a big hole in the road, in which sits a businessman in a suit, working on a laptop.  Well maybe.

'Workplace security' suggests health and safety - which is an information security issue since people are literally our most valuable information assets. There's plenty of latitude for H&S posters, although the usual 'Don't run!' or 'Lift heavy objects with your knees bent' kind are too boring.

Needs more thought.


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