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1 Jul 2017

NBlog July 1 - workplace information security awareness

With a final dash for the finishing line, July's awareness module on workplace information security was successfully completed on time. It went out the door to NoticeBored subscribers yesterday afternoon. 

If you've been tracking this blog, you'll have a pretty good idea what it's all about but if not take a look at the this month page on the website.  

The listing below shows the variety of awareness materials in three parallel streams for three target audience groups:

That's another 85 Mb of awareness content in the bag, including two brand new and two updated model policies, rounding out our policy suite: 

With 70 model policies in the set, and over 60 awareness topics in the portfolio, it's getting progressively harder to think of new angles on information security to cover - difficult but not impossible.  

August's topic will be a brand new one for us: cyberinsurance. Although we've been quietly exploring it in the background, I'm looking forward to diving right in and immersing fullin in the new topic.

Truth is, I've had enough of workplace infosec. It was an interesting area to cover, more involved than I anticipated and surprisingly diverse when we got into it. But now I'm bored and need a new challenge. Looking forward, I predict July will go something like this:
  1. A week of or so deeper research, scoping the module and digging out reference sources.
  2. A good few days' analysis and thinking, deciding on the core messages and the 'awareness stories' - the threads that will lead people on a journey of discovery through the awareness materials. I'll be mind-mapping to figure out what are the main components and how they fit into the bigger picture. We'll come up with poster ideas too, a creative process that helps get us in gear for the remainder.
  3. An intense week or two of writing, proofreading, finalizing and delivering the content, leading up to the end of July deadline. 

First, though, we'll be taking a few days off. I have to rest, clear my head and catch up with the other stuff that has formed an unsightly heap in my workplace. I must nip to the dentist to get a broken tooth repaired, again. There's something to look forward to! 


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