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30 Oct 2017

NBlog October 30 - polish til it gleams

Today we're busy finalizing the privacy awareness materials for delivery to subscribers imminently. It is always a bit fraught at this time of the month as the deadline looms but things are going well this time around - no IT hardware failures or other crises at least. 

The new materials are proofread and gleaming, ready to package up and upload as soon as the poster graphics come in. I even managed a few hours off yesterday to visit friends at the radio club. Luxury!

We'll have a bit of a break before starting the next awareness module on social engineering, long enough hopefully to repair a broken pipe supplying water for the animals. I've been patiently chainsawing fallen pine trees out of the way for some while now, finding three breaks in the pipe so far. The stock water tanks have nearly run dry so it's a priority to fix the breaks, pump the water and finish the job. Our contingency plans involve carting water around in portable containers or getting a tanker delivery direct to the tanks, not exactly ideal with temperatures starting to climb towards summer, and a pregnant 'house cow' due to give birth any day now. 

We'll update the NoticeBored website soon too with details of the privacy module, taking the opportunity to make a few other changes while we're at it. I need to update ISO27001security.com as well, incorporating some additional materials kindly donated for the ISO27k Toolkit. It's all systems go here!

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