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31 Oct 2017

NBlog October 31 - spooky happenings in NZ

Last night as darkness draped itself across the IsecT office, an eerie silence descended. No more tippy tappy on the keyboards, the writing finished, our job almost done for another month - the end of another chapter. 

A fantastic horror/thriller on the movie channel delivered the perfect stress antidote, a different kind of tension entirely. More poppycocck than Hitchcock but fun nevertheless.

Today we've packaged up November's privacy awareness materials, just under 100 megs of it, ready to deliver to our subscribers, and updated the website with details of the new module. My energy sapped, even strong coffee has lost its potency. It's time for a break! I'll have a bit more to say about the module tomorrow, if I evade the demons and survive the night that is.

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