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30 Dec 2017

NBlog December 30 - the start is nigh

With near-perfect timing, we're into the final stages of polishing off January's awareness module on IoT and BYOD security.  

I say near-perfect because this is the last weekend of 2017 with just over a day remaining until 2018. After a week of chilly and miserable weather, an unseasonal polar blast, I'd rather be out enjoying the fine weather and getting ready for the traditional new year's eve celebrations! 

The last section of writing took a bit longer than planned, but I'm confident we'll hit the delivery deadline. Updates to the NoticeBored website are in hand and we'll be packaging and sending the materials to subscribers tomorrow, electronically that is.

Looking forward, we've selected awareness topics for first few months of 2018 and written them up on our distinctly low-tech office whiteboard. We deliberately don't plan too far ahead (who knows what will crop up?) but it takes time to research and draft the materials. Having working titles and outline scopes in mind keeps us focused and on-track. 

If a particularly dramatic information security incident occurs, we can always drop the current work to pick up on it, pushing the original plan out a month. With 60-odd information risk and security-related topics in the portfolio, there's not a lot we haven't covered already, to some extent. The NoticeBored back catalog is as much a source of inspiration as content, though, since the field is constantly moving. On top of that, our own interests and preferences are gradually evolving too.

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