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24 Jan 2018

NBlog January 24 - distracted, again

Today was a glorious summer day in Hawkes Bay - about 30C under clear blue skies, hot sun and plenty of greenery thanks to the odd thunderstorm lately.  Not exactly the ideal weather for slaving away in the office.

As I was hootling down the track on the 4x4 farmbike on my way to turn off our water pump this afternoon, I turned to look across our paddock ... and saw Maka ("maarka"), our tame/pet red deer hind, sniffing at a little brown wobbly thing, staggering drunkenly around as it struggled to stand on the slope.

The fawn was only an hour or so old. We didn't even know Maka was pregnant, let alone due today, so it was a very pleasant surprise. 

Mother and baby are doing well. We feel like proud grandparents.

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