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21 Mar 2018

NBlog March 21 - down to Earth

Since "assurance" is a fairly obscure concept, April's awareness materials inevitably have to explain it in simple enough terms that people can grasp it, without glossing over things to such an extent that nothing matters, nothing registers.

Tricky that!

Harder still, our purpose for raising this at all is to emphasize the relevance of assurance to information security - another conceptual area that we're trying hard to make less obscure!

The approach we've come up with is to draw parallels between assurance for information security, and assurance for safety. Safety is clearly something that matters. People 'get it' without the need to spell it out in words of one syllabub. With just a gentle help, they understand why safety testing, for instance, is necessary, and why safety tags and certificates mean something worthwhile - valuable in fact ... and that gives us a link between assurance and business.

For awareness purposes, we'll be using bungy-jumping as a safety-, business- and assurance-related situation that catches attention and sparks imaginations. It's something risky that people can relate to, regardless of whether they have personally done it or not. You could say it is well-grounded. Aside from the emotional connection, it has the added bonus of striking images - great for seminar slides and to break up the written briefings.

We still face the challenge of linking from there across to information security, and that's what the bulk of the awareness materials address, covering assurance in the context of information risk, security, integrity, testing, auditing, trust and more - quite a swathe of relevant issues to discuss in fact. 

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