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6 Mar 2018

NBlog March 6 - bloggin on bloggin

You might have noticed the Digital Guardian logo in the side bar: we're honoured to be listed among their "top 50 infosec blogs you should be reading". Cool! Thanks Digital Guardian, purveyors of "Threat Aware Data Protection to Safeguard Your Sensitive Data from ALL THREATS!" One of their topical product lines is ransomware protection that "FILTERS OUT THE NOISE SO YOU FOCUS ON REAL THREATS".

Nice! We take a similar filtering approach with our security awareness subscription service but, hey, take it easy on the CAPS there, DiGiTaL GuArDiAn!

Last year we made it onto Feedspot's top 100 information security blogs list to earn a nice virtual medallion.

There's more to this piece than mutual grooming and product placement though. Top-N lists are handy starting points for those seeking new sources - me included. I track a fair number of information risk and security blogs and websites routinely, specifically the ones I have discovered and liked enough to add to my bookmarks and blog aggregator. Every so often I review my selections, trimming off the ones that are either no longer actively updated or have spun away on tangents. When hunting for replacements, top N lists can be inspirational.

I hope this blog inspires you, and that you find my perspective interesting. Thanks for stopping by.

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