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10 Apr 2018

NBlog April 10 - privacy guide

Aside from revising the materials from the NoticeBored privacy awareness module delivered last November, we're planning some brand new even fresher content this time around.

The imminent go-live date for GDPR is the most obvious reason for updating and re-issuing the privacy materials in May. It's timely. The awareness content should prove useful for organizations that are on-track for the May 25th deadline, helping to explain the hubbub to people who are not so directly involved in the GDPR changes. 

It may also be the final wake-up call for those who are still oblivious, ignorant of the wider effects GDPR will have, both within and beyond the EU. As of today, we're not exactly sure what changes to make though. More research required yet.

Another brand new awareness item we're planning to write and deliver this time around is a 'privacy guide' - a document explaining privacy concepts and practises in a way that hopefully grabs attention, informing and stimulating readers to take account of privacy in how they behave. 

The privacy guide will be a challenge to write, not least because it's a new format we have in mind. When it's done, we'll have a model document to turn into a template or skeleton for future awareness topics, where applicable. I'm already thinking a 'malware guide' and 'social engineering guide' might be worth the effort, provided this first one goes to plan.

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