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28 Apr 2018

NBlog April 28 - awareness devices

Today in a sudden flash of inspiration I invented a "device", a mechanism to raise awareness. 

It's a graphical image, a metric, a simple visual device, an analytical or rhetorical tool to set people thinking about and discussing the topic - privacy in this case. It explores their perceptions of the state of readiness of the organization to meet the May 25th GDPR deadline. 

The specific thinkers and discussers I have in mind at this point are senior managers, executives or board members, with a significant interest in the organization's readiness for GDPR. They ought to know where things stand, and ought to have a reasonable grasp of the situation, but do they? The device is a way to find out.

I'm not going to describe it further at this point but NoticeBored subscribers will find it in the 'board agenda' paper in May's module.

Generalizing from there, with minor changes the same device could be used to stimulate analysis and discussion on almost any deadline or situation where there are several non-exclusive options or possibilities on the table, and inherent uncertainties. That's most business decisions, then! It's something I'm sure I'll be using elsewhere in awareness materials, training courses and more.

While it could be used by individuals working in private, it is really intended for group or team settings where people feed off each others' energy and hopefully reach a consensus. Stimulating a productive discussion around a given topic is the main awareness goal, with measuring and comparing perceptions a subsidiary aim.

There are loads of techniques for creative thinking and teamwork so I'd be amazed if my idea is totally novel (and potentially patentable!) ... which hints at the value of exploring and exploiting such methods for awareness and training purposes. It exemplifies the value of employing professionals to handle awareness and training, people like me with sufficient experience and interest to make interesting stuff happen. Another nail in the coffin of those deadly dull death-by-Powerpoint bullet-point-ridden torture sessions that pass for awareness and training in some organizations, stuck firmly in the Dark Ages.

So that's it for today. May's module is nearly over the line, down to the last few hours' slog. Must dash ...

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