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9 Apr 2018

NBlog April 9 - GDPR final countdown

We've started working on May's awareness module - the final episode in a privacy series timed to support the run-up and coincide with GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) implementation.

It would be hard to find anything new to say this time around if it weren't for the fact that our customers are in a different situation now than when the privacy modules were released previously. They should all (hopefully!) be in the final throes of their GDPR compliance projects. Some may have had a lot of work to do, clarifying and analyzing the requirements, substantially modifying IT systems and business processes, and liaising with assorted information service suppliers to ensure they too will be compliant by May 25th. Others may have had an easier time with most of the requirements covered already. All will be anticipating the changes in their own organizations, and in others since we are all connected. 

The awareness materials they need now are (to some extent) different to those that were relevant before, with new perspectives and concerns. While the basics about privacy, risk, confidentiality etc. are the same as ever, saturation coverage of GDPR in the mainstream media is likely to grab attention for at least a few days around the 25th, hence we're planning for the awareness materials and activities to complement and build on that. 

Looking further forward, there are likely more peaks in media coverage when the first organizations are prosecuted under GDPR and then penalized for privacy incidents. We're seeing the effect right now with Facebook and Zuckerberg all over the news - and that's a story we can hook into as well.

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