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22 May 2018

NBlog May 22 - EU vs Spammers

I guess everyone has received a slew of emails this week from companies asking us to opt-in to their newsletters, updates, special offers and other eJunk.

Most have said something along the lines of "If you don't click the link to reconfirm your details by May 25th, you will be unsubscribed", almost identical to a million phishers that we have been patiently training people to avoid for many years now. Hmmm.

Most are going directly to the bin, some as a result of the training but most as a result of people taking the opportunity not to opt-in to being marketed-at. I suspect contact databases around the world are being decimated as a result of GDPR, so we might finally see a drop in the volume of spam once this week is out of the way.

Spam reduction is a very welcome side-effect of GDPR. Previous anti-spam laws have had limited effect. This one, although badged 'privacy', could be the best yet.

Hoorah for 'privacy'!  A round of applause for the EU!

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