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12 Jul 2018

NBlog July 12 - looking for inspiration

Over on the new CISSPforum, in a thread about helping our corporate colleagues understand what information security is all about, someone asked about raising awareness among the general public - specifically whether we might learn from how other industries explain fraud and abuse.

Well, they may not all concern fraud and abuse but there are loads of 'public awareness' activities going on all the time, some much more successful than others. Examples include:
  • Health and safety awareness (about the H&S legislation mostly)
  • Health awareness (with much broader objectives about living healthier lifestyles, getting fit, reducing obesity, not smoking etc.)
  • Illness awareness e.g. cancer, mental ill-health etc. (aiming to support sick people and get them to seek professional help ... such as the breast cancer awareness ad I'm hearing right now on NZ local radio)
  • Safety awareness (such as driving more carefully ... a n d   s l o w l y ... and preparing for various disasters)
  • Political awareness (promoting the policies and objectives of political parties)
  • Social awareness (mostly about or supporting 'disadvantaged' groups for various values and causes of disadvantage)
  • Marketing and advertising of products, branding And All That (by far the most widespread, creative and successful form of awareness, I'd argue)
  • Global awareness (on a wide range of global issues such as warming, poverty, trade, travel ...)
  • Business awareness (ranging from tax and other compliance stuff to good business practices)
  • Finance awareness (mostly marketing but some genuine efforts to help people manage their money and debts more effectively)
  • Life awareness a.k.a. the education system generally, not just skool
  • Trades and professions, with their courses and badges galore, plus codes of practice and so forth
  • Celebrity awareness (Kardashian-itis, Trump-itis ...)
  • Art awareness and appreciation
  • Science awareness and appreciation
  • Engineering awareness ....
  • More: over to you! What have I missed?
There is no shortage of examples varying widely in scope, focus, delivery methods, objectives and success ... which means a bewildering array of approaches to consider and perhaps adapt or simply apply in "our" field/s and context/s (for there are several of both).

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