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1 Jan 2019

NBlog Jan 1 - putting resilience on the agenda

Resilience means bending not breaking, surviving issues or incidents that might otherwise be disastrous. Resilient things aren’t necessary invulnerable but they are definitely not fragile. Under extreme stress, their performance degrades gracefully but, mostly, they just keep on going ... like we do.  

In the 15 years since we launched the NoticeBored service, we've survived emigrating to New Zealand, the usual ups and downs of business plus the Global Financial Crisis. Lately we're seeing an upturn in sales as customers release the strangle-holds on their awareness and training budgets ... and invest in becoming more resilient to survive future challenges.  

The following snippet from the Financial Conduct Authority's new report "Cyber and Technology Resilience" caught my beady eye in the course of researching and writing January's materials:

The NoticeBored service supplies top-quality creative content for security awareness and training programs on a market-leading range of topics, with parallel streams of material aimed at the workforce in general plus managers and professionals specifically. Getting all three audiences onto the same page and encouraging interaction is a key part of socializing information risk and security, promoting the security culture.

'Resilience' is the 189th NoticeBored awareness and training module and the 67th topic in our bulging portfolioIf your security awareness and training program is limited to basic topics such as viruses and passwords, with a loose assortment of materials forming an unsightly heap, it's no wonder your employees are bored stiff. A dull and uninspiring program achieves little value, essentially a waste of money. Furthermore if it only addresses "end users" and "cybersecurity" i.e. just IT security, again you're missing a trick. Resilience, for example, has profound implications for the entire business and beyond, with supply chains and stakeholders to consider. Resilient computing is just part of it.

For a highly cost-effective approach, read about January's NoticeBored security awareness and training module on resilience and get in touch to subscribe. I'm not just talking about the 'disappointing' 10% of financial companies apparently lacking an awareness program (!) but all organizations, including those of you who already get it and have something running. As we plummet towards 2020, seize the opportunity and ear-mark a tiny sliver of budget to energize your organization's approach to security awareness and training with NoticeBored. We're keen to help you toughen-up, making 2019 a happy, resilient and secure year ahead. Make security awareness your new year's resolution.

Happy new year!

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