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27 Jan 2019

Streaming awareness content

As the materials fall into place for "Mistakes", our next security awareness module, it's interesting to see how the three content streams have diverged:
  • For workers in general, the materials emphasize making efforts to avoid or at least reduce the number of mistakes involving information such as spotting and self-correcting typos and other simple errors.

  • For managers, there are strategic, governance and information risk management aspects to this topic, with policies and metrics etc.

  • For professionals and specialists, error-trapping, error-correction and similar controls are of particular interest.
The 'workers' audience includes the other two, since managers and pro's also work (quite hard, usually!), while professional/specialist managers (such as Information Risk and Security Managers) belong to all three audiences. In other words, according to someone's position or role in the organization, there are several potentially relevant aspects to the topic.

That's what we mean by 'streaming'. It's not (just) about delivering content via streaming media: the audiences matter.

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