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30 Apr 2019

NBlog April 30 - tangents

As the hours evaporate before our self-imposed start-of-month delivery deadline, I'm trying to stay focused on completing and proofreading the "Working off-site" security awareness module ... but it's hard when there's a fascinating discussion in full flow on the ISO27k Forum about quantitative vs qualitative methods of information risk analysis, plus all the usual stuff going on around me.

I find myself physically on-site in the IsecT office, supposedly working flat-out, but my mind is drifting off-site. I just caught myself day-dreaming about the possibility of racing driverless cars, their algorithms competing against each other and the laws of physics. What a bizarre tangent! I think it's something the behavioural biologists call 'displacement activity'.

Anyway, back to the grindstone.  Catch you later.

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