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31 May 2019

NBlog May 31 - stresses and strains

Well, that's another deadline hit: June's NoticeBored module was completed, checked and delivered today as planned. 

The stress built to a crescendo mid-morning before rapidly subsiding as the final proofreading was completed, the last bit of polish applied and everything came together nicely, albeit just in the nick of time. We're cutting it fine this time!

It's our version of a just-in-time production process. The product is as fresh and topical as it could possibly be, short of near-real-time delivery to customers as events unfold anyway, a service that is already available from a plethora of news sites, aggregators, search engines and blogs just like this one. That's fine except that infosec incidents don't happen in a nice tidy sequence, one topic at a time!

I'm not expecting sympathy, really. The end-of-month deadline and monthly cycle are our choices. We have a degree of control although NoticeBored subscribers have signed up for the regular monthly service as described, so naturally we are compelled to do what we promised. To be honest, though, it suits us just fine: after a month-long slog on any topic, we're over it. After an appropriate break to de-stress (avoiding di-stress!), we're looking forward to moving on to the next topic, the next thrilling installment.

So, there will now be a short interlude before I blog about June's completed module. We have a long weekend ahead with the Queen's birthday on Monday. I must just check the post to see if we've been invited to the party ...

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