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14 Jun 2019

NBlog June 14 - the compliance burden

I've spent an enjoyable day exploring, thinking and writing about the enormous breadth of "compliance", our security awareness topic for July. You might be forgiven for thinking that compliance in this context is just about hacking and privacy laws, but no, oh no: important though those are, there's much more to it.

We have thus far compiled a list of 15 categories of law relevant in some way to information security - not just 15 actual laws but 15 typesThere's a similar range of regulations, plus contracts and agreements. No wonder corporate lawyers, compliance teams and management as a whole complain about the compliance burden on businesses!

On top of that there are myriad internal corporate rules in the form of infosec-related policies, procedures and all that jazz - again, quite a variety when you think about it. 

And we all have self-imposed rules of behavior - our habits and conventions, codes of ethics, belief systems, rules for what's right and what's wrong.

Figuring out and talking about the different kinds of 'rules' will make an interesting awareness challenge for July. We've come up with more than 60 so far, and we're not done yet!

Aside from that, I've also been exploring the conceptual angle: what are rules for anyway? Why do we have rules, in general, let alone infosec, privacy and all those other rules I've alluded to? Why is compliance necessary? What's wrong with noncompliance? That led me along a tangent into creativity, again relevant to information if marginal to information security. 

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